Restored Mustang pedal boxes

Both 87-93 and SN95 are available

$175.00 plus shipping

We currently have 6 Restored Mustang pedal boxes in stock.  this is one of the only parts you cannot buy new when doing a non donor build.  All pedal boxes will be checked for damage or defects.  They also come with all necessary switches and clutch quadrant. Please note that these are used parts and may no be perfect.  all  87-93 style restored pedal boxes will now include the brake pedal modification unless you specifically request not to do it.  All late model boxes (94 and newer) will also have the brake pedal mod done. You can specify power brakes if you plan to go that route. 

Please note:  Late model and Auto pedal boxes are also available

Also Please note: All pedal boxes are now available with Breezes Aluminum quadrant and Click-Lock cable adjustment for $75.00  This only applies to pedal box purchases






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